Hayan Himalaya A drop of history about Hayan Himalaya adventure tour (Hayan is a Korean word which means white, Himalaya) in the my home (Ladakh) called the "Hermit Kingdom" is a land of snow carved peaks, translucent lakes, barren terrain, mystic culture and Buddhist monasteries while Nepal is a landlocked multiethnic, multilingual, multi-religious country land both homes of Buddha.

After 16 years of experience in the tourism industry as a tour manager and guide, My wife (Korean) and I decided to start this company in 2012 to offer the best traveling experience to passionate adventurers from what I learnt over the years. Whether you dream of trekking, biking, photography, white water rafting, living with local communities, working the land, retreating to a monastery or even just discovering yourself and finding a place to do that, we will accompany you to make the best of your time in the Himalayan hills. With us, adventure will not only be what you dream of anymore, what you watch on TV or read in books, we will make your dreams come true. When we talk about adventure and tour we don't just talk if you dare to come to us you'll have the best adventure and travels! We welcome everyone in our tours, whether you are on wheels or standing on your own two feet. My team and I have extensive experience in different field of adventure and we aim to promote an eco friendly way to travel where while you enjoy the landscapes and the culture, we make sure to preserve the nature and the traditions.

Hayan Himalaya offers great scope for undertaking adventure activities amidst breathtaking landscape & rugged